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Tattoo Removal

Tired of your tattoo? Eliminate it with EliminInk!

Until recently, a tattoo was forever. But today, technology has allowed us to remove these inked reminders of former loves and holidays gone wild.

EliminInk Tattoo Removal

The revolutionary EliminInk Tattoo Removal system is the latest in tattoo removal technology. It is the safest, most effective and fastest way to remove ink related pigmentation in the world.

How it Works

EliminInk contains magnesium oxides that bond to the tattoo ink just under the top layers of skin. Because tattoo ink is applied under the epidermis (the top layer of skin), EliminInk must be applied that deep, as well. It then lifts the ink to the top layer of the skin, where a scab forms. Eventually, the scab falls off, taking the ink with it.

Who is a candidate?

We will go over your medical history in detail to ascertain if you are a good candidate. Pregnancy, nursing and the taking of blood thinning medications are prohibited during your treatments. Most people are candidates and the procedure is safe and very straight for-ward!

What are treatments like?

Most treatments last approximately 30 to 60 minutes. You will receive a post procedure ointment that inhibits scarring. At the time of your consultation you will be given a packet that will detail all of the information about the procedure.

You will feel slight discomfort which mirrors that of receiving a tattoo. You may have slight swelling and tenderness in the treated area for a few days. A scar will form and will flake away after approximately two weeks, taking much of the tattoo ink with it.


EliminInk application is similar to tattoo application. A standard tattoo machine is filled with the serum instead of tattoo ink, and the serum is applied under the skin. This process is no more painful than the tattoo process. In order to fully remove the tattoo, most people require one to three treatments, but some people will require up to five. This varies depending on the individual, the amount and color of the ink and the method of tattoo application.

EliminInk Advantages:

  • Most patients only require 3 to 5 treatments
  • Safer and more effective than laser tattoo removal
  • Minimal risk of hypo or hyper pigmentation
  • Risk of scarring dramatically lower than laser tattoo removal.


Much like a tattoo, there is a healing process after EliminInk is applied. A scab begins to form soon after the serum is applied, and scabs may continue to form for about two weeks after application. The EliminInk process includes a topical scar inhibitor, which is applied to the treatment area for up to eight weeks after the scabs fall off to prevent scarring.

    If you'd like to get a tattoo removed, come in for your free consultation and we'll discuss your options. Our licensed, trained staff will help you be rid of your tattoo - forever!

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    • Safer, More Effective
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    • Non-invasive
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